Middle and High School Creative Writing Workshop: Spooktacular Writing Prompts for Halloween Stories

Halloween stories writing prompts

As the leaves change colors and the air turns crisp, it’s the perfect time to ignite your students’ imaginations with some spine-tingling Halloween writing prompts. Encouraging middle and high school students to explore their creative writing skills during this eerie season can be a thrilling experience for both teachers and students alike. So, grab your cauldron of inspiration, and let’s conjure up some wickedly good writing ideas for your Language Arts classroom!

1. The Haunted House

You and your friends decide to spend the night in the infamous haunted house at the edge of town. Describe your experiences and the things that go bump in the night.

This classic Halloween prompt lets students dive into the world of suspense and mystery. Encourage them to build tension, create vivid descriptions, and develop intriguing characters.

2. The Curse of the Pumpkin Patch

One dark, stormy night, you stumble upon a mysterious pumpkin patch. As you pick a pumpkin, a curse is unleashed. What happens next?

Challenge your students to weave a tale of unexpected consequences and magical encounters with this spooky prompt.

3. The Monster Under the Bed

You wake up one night to find a friendly monster under your bed. Describe your conversation and the adventures that follow.

This prompt invites students to explore the lighter side of Halloween with a story that combines humor and imagination.

4. The Haunting Melody

Write about a musician who discovers a cursed sheet of music that summons ghosts when played. What happens when they perform it in front of an audience?

This prompt encourages students to explore the intersection of art, music, and the supernatural.

5. The Halloween Costume Party

You attend a Halloween costume party, and you and your friends realize that your costumes give you special powers. What do you do with your newfound abilities?

This prompt allows students to blend the excitement of Halloween with elements of superhero or fantasy storytelling.

6. The Time-Traveling Witch

A young witch accidentally casts a time-travel spell and ends up in a different era. Describe her adventures and the challenges she faces.

This prompt lets students combine the spookiness of Halloween with a dash of historical fiction and time-travel intrigue.

7. The Eerie Urban Legend

Create an original urban legend that takes place in your town or city. Describe the legend, its origins, and the chilling encounters people have had with it.

Encourage your students to flex their storytelling muscles by crafting their very own urban legend.

Remember, the key to successful creative writing is to encourage your students to use their imaginations freely, experiment with different genres, and have fun while doing it!

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Happy Halloween writing, teachers!

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