All-in-one online picture book maker for schools

The Easiest Way for Students to Make Illustrated Books Online

Select Size and Layout

Select the size and shape of your illustrated book. We offer A5 and A4 portrait and landscape books, as well as small and medium square books.

Write and Add Pictures

Writing and illustrating a book with BookBildr is a fun process that encourages creative thinking and encourages literary development.

Download or Print

Students can download their book in PDF to share with teachers and classmates or print it out. Hard copies are also available upon request.

The Creative Writing Tool for Schools and Homeschoolers

BookBildr is an online picture book maker that helps children to develop their ideas and understanding through their writing. They can make their voice heard and learn creative writing in a fun and engaging way. An excellent way for students to tackle creative writing in the classroom or at home!

BookBildr is not only for students – teachers and schools can use it to create their own unique learning materials be it worksheets, brochures or complete books – you can have as many pages as you like.


Create and Illustrate Books Online in 3 Simple Steps

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Choose Book Size & Shape

Choose your book’s size and shape: portrait for more text, landscape to showcase the pictures, and square for a balanced look.

write your book

Write Your Unique Story

Come up with your story and work on your Language Arts assignment. There are lots of fonts to choose from and colors to experiment with.

add illustrations

Illustrate Your Book

Illustrate your book for free legally using thousands of our illustrations and photos, or upload your own artwork. Your creativity is the limit!

What People Are Saying

BookBildr is perfect for parents who want to turn their children's stories into stunning books, as well as children who aspire to become writers.

I was very impressed with how easy it was to use the Bookbildr website. What a great way to wrap up a homeschool language arts unit!

BookBildr may have originally been designed for parents, but there is strong potential for use by schools and educators.

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