Questions & Answers

Read the answers to some common questions about how BookBildr for Education works. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, contact us.

Using BookBildr for Education

Yes, you can. Use the arrow icons to move your pages around. You can also zoom out to 25% and drag and drop page thumbnails around.

Yes, you can but we don’t recommend it because Word and similar programs add hidden formatting that can “break” your book. For the best result, paste your text from a simple text editor like Notepad and press Ctrl+Shift+V (Cmd+Shift+V on a Mac) when pasting.

Yes, absolutely! BookBildr uses Google Fonts, which means that there’s a font for practically any language. To find the right font for your language, go to and use the “Languages” dropdown menu to find compatible fonts. You can then select the compatible font you like in the BookBildr Editor.

Teachers, please make sure you whitelist emails coming from to receive important communication.